About Us

Flatland Games, llc. is a small game company hoping to help more people enjoy more time with their family and friends around the table.

These are the folks that helped Flatland Games put ACTION MOVIE WORLD together.


Ian Williams writes things about video games, labor, pop culture. Bylines at Jacobin, The Guardian, Paste, Vice Sports, The Point. His twitter is full of boring soccer tweets.

Directors of Casting

A community of lovely people create photography and art and share it. See more on our image credits page.


Galen Billings, Brian Curry, Anton Dominic, Bret Gillan, Carly Knight, Jeremiah Lahnum, John Layton, Steven Lumpkin, Jacob Moffitt, Tommy Rayburn, Jonathan Reiter, Scott Rewerts, Anthony Tennent, Bryan Timms, and Control Group C

Graphics Whip —
Jesse Wolf

Jesse Wolf is an enigma wrapped in a graphic designer. Master of fabric and son of a soil scientist, he is the great strategist of the group. This would all look better if we took more of his advice.

Apocalypse Design —
D Vincent Baker

D Vincent Baker designed Apocalypse World. He's been wonderful about letting people build new games out of his system, and it's worked out really well for everyone.

Erudite Introduction — Will Dodson

Dr. Will Dodson teaches rhetoric, literature, and media studies at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro; his work has appeared in The Quarterly Review of Film & Video, Film International, and elsewhere. He owns over 40 movies featuring Dolph Lundgren, and wrote one of John’s favorite films.

Editor — Peter S. Williams

Peter is a terse Latin Teacher with a history of role playing.

He likes traveling Beyond the Wall and has a particular style of play for Wizard's Museum Construction Kit.

Producer — John Cocking

John Cocking is an inveterate nerd who has written computer strategy guides, translated a genealogical romance, and written software to run SQL queries against XML data. He enjoys thinking that this is interesting, long days of board games, and Lori’s company.

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