This is a badass roleplaying game. Build a team of action stars and make the best cheesy movies a child of the VHS era can imagine!

Save the day! Stop the bad guy! Avenge your buddies! Blow Stuff Up!

ACTION MOVIE WORLD: First Blood contains almost everything you need to make sure the hero wins, the villain loses, and the good movies get sequels. Just add 2d6 and some friends. Remember to rewind your cassette for the next player.


ACTION MOVIE WORLD: Deleted Scenes is a supplement for this badass roleplaying game. Add new stars and new scripts to your repetoire, and never admit you know that word!

Play as your favorite type of actor:
  • The Musclehead
  • The Gunfighter
  • The Pugilist
  • The Smartass
  • The Smooth Operator
  • The Thespian
  • The Yeller
Just grab one of our playbooks and go!

ACTION MOVIE WORLD: First Blood is Powered by the Apocalypse, and uses its signature moves to highlight those cheesy go-tos all our favorite action stars relied on.

ACTION MOVIE WORLD: First Blood owes a debt to the commons and the generosity of others.

We’ve been inspired not only by the movies of our youth, but also the good work of our friends at,, and everyone else who donates to the common good.

See our image credits page for more information, and for downloads where we’ve been able to give back.

Our action heroes pictured above and below are based on stock photos by Marcus Ranum, whose generous spirit has made much of this project possible.

The filmstrip includes images by Marcus Ranum,, and the public domain.

New: AMW: Deleted Scenes
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