This game focuses on the core part of the adventure the same way a fantasy or action movie would: by showing us why our heroes are friends and then getting them right into the thick of it.

Anyone with a background in OSR games will already be comfortable with the core rules.

A perfect game to play when a couple people from the main campaign are out one night, or when you're just looking for a quick change of pace.


Explorers overlook desert ruins

Through Sunken Lands helps your friends and family adventure together without leaving the house.

  • Familiar rules for running experienced fantasy heroes through a quick dungeon.
  • Perfect for game nights when a player or two are out.
  • Play mid-level characters with the experience to take on anything (or so they think).
  • Build custom dungeons on the fly to suit the evening’s heroes.
  • Survive just one more adventure so that you can impress the youth.
  • Play from convenient handouts, bringing only dice, snacks, and friends.

Play with Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures and Through Sunken Lands

Grizzled Adventurers is the fully-compatible little sibling of two wonderful games:

Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures is a fully compatible sister game. Inspired by the young adult fiction of Ursula K. LeGuin, Lloyd Alexander, and Susan Cooper, it uses the same core rules with a more personal character creation process in order to tell stories of young heroes growing up in a village. You can learn more about Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures here.

Through Sunken Lands is inspired by Michael Moorcock, Fritz Leiber, and Robert E. Howard. It is a kit to make a motley crew of sellswords, sorceresses, and cunning thieves, and send them off in search of gold and glory. You can learn more about Through Sunken Lands here.

Evil acolytes in the midst of a dangerous summoning by Miguel Santos

Downloads and Freebies

Character Sheet

Although any scrap of paper will do, this one will help you track everything.

Latecomers’ Sheet

Anyone showing up late for the game can get up to speed and into the action with the help of this little sheet.

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