Lots of times, we want to play a roleplaying game but just don’t have the time for all the prep work involved. No more. Through Sunken Lands is a kit to make a motley crew of sellswords, sorceresses, and cunning thieves, and send them off in search of gold and glory. Now we have this simple swords and sorcery roleplaying game that gives a group of players all the tools they need to play an exciting adventure in a single evening, no homework, no fuss.

Anyone with a background in OSR games will already be comfortable with the core rules of Beyond the Wall.

Explorers overlook desert ruins

Evocative Artwork

Art from a variety of talented artists who can help you bring the world of the Sunken Lands to life in your imagination and around your table.

Through Sunken Lands helps your friends and family adventure together without leaving the house.

  • Inspired by the works of Michael Moorcock, Fritz Leiber, and Robert E. Howard.
  • Character Playbooks and Scenario Packs for play in a single evening with no prep.
  • Player driven setting design for fleshing out the great city and the world beyond.
  • A sample sword and sorcery setting: the impossible city of Jundarr and the Hundred Seas.
  • Nine Character Playbooks, including the Spell Thief and the Eldritch Sorcerer King.
  • Three Scenario Packs: the Mysterious Island, the Treasure Hunt, and the Wizard’s Tower.

Play with Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures

Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures is a fully compatible sister game to Through Sunken Lands. Inspired by the young adult fiction of Ursula K. LeGuin, Lloyd Alexander, and Susan Cooper, it uses the same core rules and setup as Through Sunken Lands in order to tell stories of young heroes growing up in a village.

You can learn more about Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures here.

A dancing trumpeter summons a massive winged spirit

Join us in the great city

Purchase the pdf version of Through Sunken Lands at DriveThruRPG here. Print on demand physical copies will be available in 2021.

A view of the great city of Jundarr

Downloads and Freebies

Game Preview
This preview shares just enough of the game to give a sense of what wonderful adventures it can facilitate.
Two Page Character Sheet

Although any scrap of paper will do, these two will help you track everything.

Map of the Great City

Everyone's from somewhere. You're from here. This map is based on one by Dyson Logos, who released it CC-BY.

Maps of The Sunken Lands

These Maps by Jillian Williams, with and without a legend, can help you explore the Sunken Lands.

Compatible with Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures

Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures has a wide selection of compatible downloads, freebies, and add-ons.

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