The outline of a sword hangs before a desert scene that hints of conquests to come


Flatland Games, llc. is a small game company hoping to help more people enjoy more time with their family and friends around the table. You’ll enjoy our game Wizard's Museum Construction Kit.

Design – John Cocking

John Cocking is an inveterate nerd who has written computer strategy guides, translated a genealogical romance, and written software to run SQL queries against XML data. He enjoys thinking that this is interesting, long days of board games, and Lori’s company.

Design and Writing – Peter S. Williams

Peter is a terse Latin Teacher with a history of role playing. He has a particular style of play for Wizard’s Museum Construction Kit.

Graphical Whip – Jesse Wolf

Jesse Wolf is an enigma wrapped in a graphic designer. Master of fabric and son of a soil scientist, he is the great strategist of the group.

Editor sine numeris – Harold Cranford

Harold Cranford is a living encyclopedia of the absurdity of western myth, a scholar, and a gentleman of the best sort. His skill with words is matched only by his disdain for numbers.

Copy Editor – Ann Brady

Ann is a notorious grammar corrector from a long line of even more notorious grammar correctors. She has loved games her whole life and is happy to be working with Flatland Games after 38 years as a Director of Special Education for a public school district in North Carolina. She also banished the evil spirits in the attic of a crumbling house foolishly purchased by Jill and Peter.

ArtJohn Hodgson

John Hodgson is a freelance illustrator, art director, and consumate professional.

ArtErin Lowe

Erin Lowe is a bard-wizard-monk who earned parchments declaring mastery of illusions and life magicks from the Universitas of the Northernmost of the Carolinas in Greensborough. She still lives in the Borough of Greene, where she offers tutelage to students who would speak in tongues and break the laws of science, teaches and continues training her martial abilities, and provides wondrous illusions and small artifacts to those who ask nicely.

ArtLarry MacDougall

Larry MacDougall is a Fantasy and Faerie Tale artist, living and working in Canada.

Art – Seth Meeks

Seth Meeks is a writer, musician, artist, and gamer.

With a little help from:

Icons by Lorc under CC-BY, via

Not to forget: LibreOffice, Notepad++,, and Sir Berners-Lee.

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