Our three heroes look upon a wizard's tower; the dangerous resolution of their quest awaits them.

An exciting supplement for convenient campaigns of Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures.

Sometimes heroes must wander…

Shadows gather throughout the world, threatening you, your village, your friends, and your family.

The lands are wide and wild, filled with dangerous foes and fantastic treasures. You are a little older now, ready to see the world far from the village, face the darkest threats, and make your own legend. It is time for you and your companions to leave home.

Travel further afield...

Just as Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures provides for an exciting evening of play with zero prep, Further Afield offers guidelines and rules to create and run an extended campaign in the same spirit. Now the players and gamemaster work together to create the myths, legends, and rumors of a unique setting. Included in this book are all the necessary tools to create your world, travel and explore within it, defeat great and terrible adversaries, and reap the rewards of adventures even further beyond the wall.

• Collaborative player-driven campaign creation for making your own shared sandbox.
• Threat Packs for dynamic villains and dangers affecting the world beyond the village.
• Helpful hints and systems for integrating new characters into existing groups.
• Rules for creating magical items through your crafts, deeds, or sorcerous powers.
• Four Threat Packs, including the Blighted Land and the Vengeful Wyrm.

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Our adventurers discuss their next steps in an inn full of would-be heroes.

A compilation of Playbooks and tools for characters in games of Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures.

Champions rise and fall by the company they keep...

There are dangers throughout the land, but your home is not unguarded. A hero might spring from any number of origins: the children of the nobility, unlikely champions within the village, or wanderers from the land of faerie. Make your name, stand with your friends, and defend your family.

Meet new heroes, young and old...

Heroes Young and Old compiles all of the free material from four addons for Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures, and gives more besides. This book helps players and gamemasters create their own Character Playbooks, tell stories with new spells, rituals, and magic items, and populate their villages and worlds with interesting NPCs and monsters. Also included are rules for the gnome, a new fantastic creature.

• Collected material from The Village, The Nobility, Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings, and The Elders, including old favorites, like the Nobleman’s Wild Daughter, the Assistant Beast Keeper, and the Dwarven Mentor.
• Six new Character Playbooks, including the Knightless Squire, the Recluse Wizard, and the Gnomish Godparent.
• New spells, rituals, magic items, rare herbs, traits, and bestiary entries.
• Guidelines for making your own Character Playbooks.

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Our heroes have opened a gate to reveal a horde of approaching foes.

A compilation of Scenario Packs, Threat Packs, and Playbooks and tools for game masters in games of Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures.

The world is perilous and vast...

Wicked goblins and capricious fae threaten the village. Your neighbors have troubles of their own and need your help, whether they know it yet or not. Sometimes, the very dead rise as ghosts or shambling corpses, seeking to break down the veil between life and death. Heroes of your quality are rare and needed.

Face dangers both near and far...

Dangers Near and Far compiles all of the free material from four addons for Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures, and gives more besides. This volume provides a group with new Scenario Packs, Threat Packs, and Character Playbooks, as well as new rules and a host of adversaries for the heroes to face.

• Collected material from Hearths and Homes, The Wicked Dark, Across the Veil, and From Distant Lands, including Scenario Packs like the Opened Barrow and the Troubled Village, and Character Playbooks like the Goblins’ Child and the Student of the Dark Arts.
• Two completely new Character Playbooks, the Barbarian Namer and the Lord’s Secret, and three completely new Scenario Packs, the Lordling’s Lament, the Delivery Quest, and the Witch’s Mistake.
• New spells, magic items, and bestiary entries, and rules for goblins, mass combat, traveling to the Underworld, and more.
• Guidelines for making your own Scenario Packs.

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Our heroes approach a great antlered figure on its throne.

A new sourcebook and setting for games of Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures.

The land is desperate for aid...

A realm’s history has much to say about looming threats, about its peoples, and about heroes both untested and legendary. When forgotten evils stir and your hearthmates need you, it is time to gather allies and come to a broken kingdom’s defense.

Venture beyond the wall and into a kingless realm...

A Kingless Realm introduces new ways to extend your campaigns of Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures. This volume contains a selection of new rules and options for adventuring, whether a group wants to extend a campaign with heroes after tenth level, expand character creation and multiclassing options, or start play with even younger villagers experiencing their very first adventures. Also included is a ready-to-play and customisable campaign setting: the lands of the Broken Kingdom, a shattered realm where the Horned King waits to rise again.
• Expanded character and campaign options, including legendary heroes, untried heroes, and more.
• A host of gamemastering advice and guidelines for running a campaign spanning seasons and years.
• Three new Character Playbooks: the Failed Ranger, the Horned King’s Blood, and the Reavers’ Descendent.
• New rituals, magic items, Traits, bestiary entries, and personalities to fill your world.
• A full campaign, including a three-front Threat and a new Scenario Pack.
• A new world, with associated maps, history, monsters, and more, all ready for your group to make it your own.

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