A young girl bravely facing the unknown with a sword that she will one day grow into.

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  • Department V

    ...this is probably the best game I’ve laid my hands on this year. - Smiorgan

  • DriveThru RPG Customer Reviews

    A rare treasure. Based on the familar rules mechanics of the early editions of D&D, this is not a retro-clone. It truly does something different. Lloyd Alexander, Ursula LeGuin and JRR Tolkien in his lighter moments shine through. "Farmer Giles of Ham" could be a scenario pack for this game. I would add the Princess Bride, Ladyhawke, the Beastmaster and a healthy dollop of folklore to the inspirations.

    Beyond the Wall does an excellent job of building characters who are real people with a reason to adventure together. The Village is built along with the characters in a fluid manner. There are hints of a deeper and broader world scattered through the game, "The Endless Pit of the West", the "Sunken City", the deserts of the East. None of these recieve any more fleshing out besides the name, but the names evoke a sense of adventuring possibilities.

    This would be an excellent game to introduce new players to RPGing with. I think it would also shine as a convention game. Instead of being handed pregenerated characters with potted backgrounds the players can quickly build their own characters and backgrounds.

    David C. - 5 of 5 stars

  • RPG.net

    It's not another rehash clone... All that's cool, but what really got me excited about this, and what really made it stand out for me are the playbooks.
    This thing really hits a sweet spot for me, the mix of the familiar and the new, the efficiency, and the quality - some of the options in these playbooks are just delightful.

    - Bailywolf

  • RPG GEEK.com

    This is a great game. Surprisingly, it shows that there is still a ton of room for design creativity in the traditional class/level framework. It is charming, succinct, and eminently playable. It has a few shortcomings, but these are easily outweighed by its multitude of strengths.

    - Kevin H.

  • Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque

    I think this is the finest new game I've seen in ages, even if its roots stretch far back into the genesis of the hobby. - Jack

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